Lost in time

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Lost in time

Post  Wolves on Fri May 08, 2009 9:01 pm

My Name is Lost Dreams,im known as Dream.I have lived for hree years and i still dont remember much of my past.My coat is the color of winters first snow with some grey spots here and there with a matching mane and tail,my eyes being a chocolate brown.I am quick,fore i am a mare.My blood is stained with the breed of an Andalusian.

"I dont remember my past but then again why would i want to..."

I stood in the shade,where the darkness covered most of my body, my head dipped down to the ground where my teeth pulled at the small ends of the grass.I snorted pulling away and shoke my head as i stared up at the sky for a moment then back down before me as my gaze swept over the path around me.

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