>See< the *faries* -dance-

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>See< the *faries* -dance-

Post  PixieInTheDust on Wed Jul 08, 2009 3:41 am


I flick my long forelock from my eyes as my brown irises dart nervously from side to side, my cranium swiveling side to side.
No one.
Alone. Again.
I move to my right, weaving amongst the lifeless trees, the shadows casting their playful arms across my brown fur which shimmered as it moved over my taught muscles.

Mud coated my fine appendages, the flaxen stripes invisible under the thick layers. My grey mane and tail were knotted, dread-locking and filled with leaves, grass and burrs.
Every step hurt more and more. Painful, oh, it's so, so painful.
Physically and mentally.
I reached my destination, a large tree with the grass worn bare at it's base. I leant heavily against the trunk, casting a wary and watchful eye on my surroundings before lowering my petite bodice gently to the ground with a grunt and a groan.
After glancing around once more, I closed my eyes and lowered my skull onto a soft patch of clover with a contented sigh.

Why does it hurt? I don't remember love being so painful...
Come. Save. Me.

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