The Ropes of Cat RP

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The Ropes of Cat RP

Post  Guest on Sat Apr 18, 2009 1:35 am

For those who wish to role play cats, we have four clans that are available. When thinking of which clan you wish to join, please keep in mind that because we have barely any role players on the site, you will have to power play as any other characters. In a clan, there is a hierarchy, which I have included below. Your character may be ONE of these, and any spots that aren’t filled out you can shadow-role play.

For example, I may choose to make my cat a warrior of which ever clan.
I padded through the underbrush, inhaling the scent of mouse while licking her lips. I could feel the apprentice’s laboured breathing from the run that they had had, chasing a rabbit until its heart stopped. “Is it dead?” I heard the small cat whisper when they had stopped at its body “Yeah, I think so...” I replied.

The four clans are as follows:

Sparrow Clan, cats that lurk in the open plains of Old Falcon Meadows, chasing rabbits, hunting shrews, moles and any birds. They are skinny cats as prey is scarce in this area, but they are some of the most adaptable, as they also feed off mushrooms and some grasses.
Forest Clan, the cats that hunt their prey within the boundaries of Sleepy Hollow. Their prey consists of mice, voles, shrews, a few rabbits, and quail. They seem to be the only creatures that are fine with the haunted status of this land. They have very fine tuned climbing skills, and are the best fed of all the cats of clans.
Frost Clan, the only cats that live in snow for most of the year, lurk on Cold Mountain. The prey here is hard to catch, but filling. They hunt fish from the underground waterfalls, mice, shrew and snow hares. They are the hardiest, and most camouflaged of all the cats.
Chrysanthemum Clan, the cats that call Chrysanthemum Valley home. Here, the hunting is relatively easy as the prey don’t notice the cats in the fog. They hunt magpies and several other species of bird, as well as fish, shrew, mice, rabbit and squirrel. These cats are superb climbers, and most of them are very pale, due to adaptations to suit their territories.

The hierarchy of the clan is as follows:

Leader- obviously the head of the clan
Deputy- a warrior that has been chosen to become the next leader when the current one passes on. They share the clan responsibilities.
Medicine Cat- the cat responsible for all medical situations in the clan, from battle injuries to the birthing of kittens. These cats can have dreams from the heavens (Star Clan) that predict the future. They have an extensive knowledge of the way that herbs work, and are a much needed part of a clan.
Warriors- the cats that fight for the clan, hunt for the clan, and generally protect the clan. They go out on hunting patrols, or patrols to survey the borders, as well as skirmishes and battles with other clans. These cats follow a tough Warrior Code, which they obey.
Apprentices- these are cats above 6 moons old that are eligible for warrior training. One warrior may take an apprentice, and train them until they are able to become warriors themselves. They complete odd jobs such as hunting for the elders and relaying messages.
Queens- the cats that give birth to kits in the nursery. These cats do not pursue warrior activities until they feel ready to do so.
Elders- the cats that can no longer be warriors or queens are elders. They are looked after by the rest of the clan, and live in this status until their death.
Kits- Kittens. They remain in the nursery until they are 6 moons (months) old.

Please, feel free to comment on the names of the clans if you have a better one, as these were made up on the spur of the moment. Any questions? Ask in the help/ FAQ area of the forum.

Thank you,



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Re: The Ropes of Cat RP

Post  Justice on Fri Jun 26, 2009 1:40 am cat
I love cats. I'll be sure to start on this one.
It's so similar!! You must be pro. afro

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